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Opening Doors to Opportunity

October 6, 2020
Generation Z and Millennials Speak

With Millennials as the largest living generation in America today, and Generation Z emerging fast as an influential force, it is ever more important to understand where these generations stand. The Walton Family Foundation, in partnership with Echelon Insights, embarked upon a study of what these young Americans think about their own futures: their prospects for success, what they want out of life, and what they fear will stand in their way.

To better understand Generation Z and Millennials in their own words, this research effort surveyed a diverse and representative sample of 2,002 members of Generation Z (ages 13–23) and 2,002 Millennials (ages 24–39) across the United States, followed by in-depth conversations with 146 additional respondents in these age groups. The research topics were wide ranging, seeking to explore attitudes about opportunity, the American Dream, and key issues such as education, the environment, and their communities.

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