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The Role of Evaluation in Strategic Philanthropy

March 7, 2014
The framework and process for measuring results at the Walton Family Foundation

The last 15 years have seen several dramatic shifts in the world of philanthropy. Not only have new, large donors emerged, such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Broad Foundation, and the Walton Family Foundation, where we work, but many of these foundations have also taken an unapologetic stand that maximizing the impact of every dollar invested is essential.

In this article, we describe the concept and practice of strategic philanthropy, lay out the essential role that evaluation and impact measurement play in that approach, and share the framework and process that we have developed for measuring results at the Walton Family Foundation (WFF). Along the way we provide examples from the foundation’s work, particularly in K-12 education reform, to demonstrate the principles and ideas discussed.

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