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Statement on ILSR Report

October 10, 2014

The Walton Family Foundation is proud of our decades-long track record investing in real solutions to tough environmental challenges. Over the last five years alone, we’ve invested $351 million in efforts to support real, lasting ecological restoration in the Gulf of Mexico, to tackle the water policy challenges in the Colorado River Basin, to conserve some of the most ecologically rich seascapes around the globe and to push for sustainable fisheries management that benefits fishing communities and families. Our grantees include many of the nation’s leading environmental groups, as well as local organizations working on behalf of the communities that depend directly on healthy rivers, oceans and wildlife.

This report ignores significant investments by the Walton Family Foundation with leading environmental groups. Instead, the author chooses to focus on a handful of grants, none of which were designated for renewable energy-related issues.

As a leading funder working to find lasting solutions to some of today’s most challenging societal issues – such as improving K-12 education and conserving critical marine and freshwater areas – the Walton Family Foundation works with many partners across a broad spectrum of beliefs. We are proud of this work and the impact of our many grantee partners on the lives of individuals and communities.