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Water Availability in Western States of Serious Concern to Arizonans and Coloradans

October 27, 2021
Two-thirds of voters in Arizona and Colorado believe water availability is a very urgent issue, survey finds

DENVER (Oct. 27, 2021) - A recent poll conducted by David Binder Research found two-thirds of registered voters in both Arizona and Colorado believe that the availability of water is a very urgent issue. Voters showed the highest level of concern over the possibility that water will not be available for farmers and ranchers in the region.

Notably, the sense of urgency around water availability transcends partisanship with over 80% of registered Republican, Democrat, and independent voters in each state saying they think it is a very or somewhat urgent issue. The same is true across regions, with over 80% in urban, rural and suburban areas of both states saying the issue is very or somewhat urgent.

“As national leaders are debating serious investments in infrastructure solutions, this is a message from voters in the clearest possible way that there is tremendous urgency around water and climate change,” said pollster David Binder.

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“The Walton Family Foundation has been supporting groups in the Colorado River Basin for more than a dozen years, including farmers and ranchers, to find collaborative solutions to help sustain the West’s vital agricultural industry and to keep water in the river,” said Moira Mcdonald, director of the Walton Family Foundation’s Environment Program. “Our goal is to bring together the region’s communities and interests to make sure there is enough healthy, available water for people and nature to thrive.”

Voters agreed with this inclusive approach to making constructive water policy. There was a high degree of concern over ensuring representation of the region’s diverse communities in the process of ensuring water for the region. Ninety percent in both Arizona and Colorado agree with the statement: “In order to solve the water crisis facing the Colorado River Basin, we need to do a better job making sure that all of the region’s communities and interests have a voice in the process.” This includes two thirds in each state that strongly agree.

The Walton Family Foundation commissioned the poll in hopes of harnessing the data to better inform grant making to aid sustainable practices in the Colorado River Basin and ensure that other organizations and government entities have a more full picture of opinions on water management issues in the basin.

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