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Better Together

July 9, 2019
Why Charter School Champions and Parent Advocates Should Partner to Better Support Students with Disabilities

Public charter school champions have long acted on the belief that every child should have the opportunity to attend a great public school. Charter schools have helped millions of students beat the odds to pursue college degrees and fulfilling careers and lives. While the charter sector has much to celebrate, the country can do more to put great schools — including excellent charters — within reach for our most vulnerable students. Students with disabilities represent one such group. Research shows that with the right accommodations and support, as many as 90 percent of students with disabilities can meet the same achievement standards as other students. That makes charter schools, which have greater flexibility to meet students’ unique needs, a particularly fitting educational option.

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Public Impact: Conrad Fisher, J. & Doyle, D. (2019). Better together: Why charter school champions and parent advocates should partner to better support students with disabilities