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Delta Quality of Life Survey Report

May 31, 2018
Quality of Life in Phillips County, Arkansas and Coahoma County, Mississippi

In general, most Delta residents reported being happy; however, while 74% say they have a “good,” “very good,” or “excellent” quality of life, that still leaves 26% who say their quality of life is “fair” or “poor.”

  • 89% of residents reported being “very happy” or “fairly happy” (89% in 2013)
  • Delta residents have improved perceptions of quality of life with 44% in Phillips County (26% in 2013) and 40% in Coahoma County (37% in 2013) rating quality of life as “excellent” or “good”
  • 39% said their overall quality of life has “significantly increased” or “increased” over the past year (34% in 2013).

Common themes about what most influences quality of life were family, finances/jobs, and health.

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