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Rooted in Opportunity

June 19, 2018
The Walton Family Foundation's Approach to Starting and Growing High-Quality Schools

This report details what the Walton Family Foundation is doing to support leaders developing the schools, classrooms and teaching methods of the future, and, just as important, offers portraits of what that good work looks like in real life. We are fueling the growth of great public charter schools as well as new routes to excellent school creation — public charter, district and private. We are working alongside other philanthropic partners to grow impact. And we are partnering with organizations that advocate for strong public policies that create the conditions to fuel great public school growth. We are also supporting strong public policies holding states, cities and school systems accountable for meeting the commitment they’ve made to students and families. And while this report focuses on the creation of more high-quality schools, such efforts are part of the foundation’s broader investment in cities to spur system-wide educational improvement.
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