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Protecting the sources of life and livelihoods
Restoring fisheries for healthier oceans and communities
We believe fishing can be the sustainability success story of the 21st century. To end overfishing, improve ocean health and preserve coastal livelihoods, the Walton Family Foundation is leveraging the buying power of major seafood importers and engaging the supply chain in building support for sustainable fisheries practices.

We promote ocean sustainability in five core countries:
• Indonesia
• Peru
• Chile
• Mexico
• United States

The U.S. is critical in protecting the sustainable seafood gains of the past two decades, while Mexico, Chile, Peru and Indonesia illustrate the challenges of sustainable seafood’s future. Complementing the work of other foundations to support policy changes and capacity building on the supply side of the seafood market – specifically in the U.S., Japan and Spain – to create sustainability incentives.

Importing nearly two-thirds of the world’s globally traded seafood products, the U.S., Japan and Spain buy more than $3.66 billion a year in seafood exports from Mexico, Peru, Chile and Indonesia. Our approach aims to encourage industry to make investments – of money, time, staffing and brainpower – that raise incomes and improve the quality of life for individual fishermen and fishing communities in these countries.
Our Vision for Success
We have set ambitious goals for our work. By 2020, we aim to ensure:
Markets Strategy Summary
Over the past 20 years, the sustainable seafood movement has made remarkable progress. Industry and conservation groups — once adversaries — now partner to advance practices and policies that are good for the oceans and the bottom line. While sustainability was once a complication for industry, it is now an integral part of running a modern seafood business.
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