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What Others Are Saying About Moira Mcdonald

June 24, 2020

Moira Mcdonald, Ph.D., has been named the director of the Environment Program, which focuses on protecting rivers, oceans, and the communities that rely on them. Read the press release

“Under Moira’s leadership, the Walton Family Foundation has helped Audubon expand our Campus Chapter Program to historically black colleges and universities, and engage communities of color more deeply in our coastal restoration work. We are excited to continue this work to intentionally reach out and authentically build a more inclusive and diverse environmental field together.”
Charles Allen, Community Engagement Director, National Audubon Society
“Building conservation and sustainability into our work is one of the most important levers we can pull to protect nature and jobs. Moira has shown time and again how deeply she understands the delicate dance among these pieces and brings people together to develop smart solutions for lasting, positive impact.”
Mary Jane Melendez, Chief Sustainability Officer, General Mills
“Moira has a real command of the facts and science, and is incredibly strategic. She understands how to move big pieces of work forward that make real change happen. It’s rare to find someone with such wisdom on the science and policy, who also takes the time to connect as a real colleague – and that matters because we need more people to feel connected to this work.”
Walt Reid, Director of the Conservation and Science Program, The David & Lucille Packard Foundation
“Moira can speak with farmers, academics, policymakers, and industry leaders with a clear command of science, but also with humanity and empathy. Her superpower is being able to bring people from different walks of life together for solutions that are rooted in science, common sense, and what’s good for people and the planet.”
Liz Moran Stelk, Executive Director, Illinois Stewardship Alliance
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