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New Executive Director at Walton Family Foundation

June 15, 2016
The Walton Family Foundation announced a new executive director, Kyle Peterson.

Today, the Walton Family Foundation announced a new executive director. Kyle Peterson brings global nonprofit and private sector expertise, and he will lead the foundation as we continue to focus on addressing important social issues through our philanthropy. Kyle is currently a managing partner and board member of FSG (formerly Foundation Strategy Group), a nonprofit consulting firm that serves the social sector.

Innovative, entrepreneurial and idea-driven, Kyle shares the principles that have guided our work for nearly 30 years – a focus on individual empowerment and delivering long-lasting results. His fresh thinking and cross sector experience will lead the foundation as we further our grantmaking and our impact.

Kyle officially starts in September and will be the third individual to hold this position in the foundation’s history. He will build on a momentum that includes impressive results, expert staff and new strategic plans in each program area. He follows the highly successful, 15-year tenure of Buddy Philpot as executive director. Buddy announced last year his plans to move to a role at Walton Enterprises. He committed to staying with the foundation until a new executive director was named.

Having led strategy, program design, operations and evaluation engagements with some of the world’s leading private and public organizations while at FSG, Kyle joins us during a time of strength and will help to implement recently completed strategic plans.

Earlier this year, we announced grantmaking commitments of $2 billion for the next five years that support our long-term vision of expanding educational opportunity for all children, conserving our oceans and rivers; and giving back in our home region where my grandparents first found opportunity. Just as we’ve challenged our grantees and partners to improve continually, we’ve also challenged ourselves to think about how, as a family, we can support the work of the foundation toward these big goals. This includes our new streamlined approach to governance that will continue to engage several generations of family members.

A timeless vision set by my grandparents guides the foundation – a no limits mindset when it comes to what people can accomplish when given the opportunity and incentive to do their best; and a belief that giving back is the most important thing we can do together as a family. These principles have guided the foundation since the beginning and will continue to guide us for years to come.

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