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Working Together to Find Solutions

June 2, 2020
We’re committed to something better, and we support those who share that commitment.

There are no perfect words to express the emotions we experience as we bear witness to unacceptable events and the pain, the grief, the anger and the despair of so many of our citizens. But we do know that:

  • Conditions long impacting People of Color are now even more visible than ever and must change;
  • What is happening is unacceptable; and
  • Our country must be better than this.

While a pandemic takes its toll at higher rates among People of Color, we now watch a series of recent unfathomable acts of violence destroy lives, families and communities. These heartbreaking events remind us that what we’ve known to be true is even more true now.

Access to fundamental rights and needs, as well as the opportunity for a better life, is not available to everyone in our country. At the Walton Family Foundation, we’re committed to something better, and we support those who share that commitment.

  • We support Americans who use their voices to speak out for change;
  • We support those working to make high-quality education accessible to children no matter their family’s means or where they live;
  • We support those who work to protect the planet’s ability to sustain communities today and for future generations;
  • And we support those building their communities – through civic engagement, through economies, through improved infrastructure and the freedom of expression.

The foundation operates from common values that compel us to be rooted in the communities in which we live – to be steady in our focused approach toward lasting change – to be bold in our belief about what’s possible – to be open to ideas that may come from anywhere – and to help individuals to take an active role in determining their futures.

Please know that we support you and your tireless efforts to chart a more hopeful course. We each have a role and a responsibility. We must help those around us. We must stand as allies at this moment. We must take care of one another. We must work together to find solutions and to bring about the changes that are so sorely needed.

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