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Teacher Diversity Initiative

Supporting innovative strategies and programs to advance educator diversity
Advancing educator diversity
We are a better society when all of us have the opportunity to learn from people and places that reflect our nation’s diversity. This dynamic is especially true when it comes to our schools. The positive impact and benefits of diverse teachers, especially on students from similar backgrounds, is indisputable. Yet the current reality is that less than 1 in 5 educators identifies as a person of color, even though students of color comprise more than 50% of the entire K-12 student population.

That’s why the Walton Family Foundation is taking a meaningful step to address this significant imbalance with a $3.5 million grant to NewSchools Venture Fund to support the launch of the teacher diversity initiative. It will provide an average of $200,000 in funding to early stage and new organizations and programs committed to recruiting, training and supporting a more diverse teacher workforce.

The teacher diversity initiative will support innovative strategies and programs to advance educator diversity, including expanding the pool of applicants for recruitment efforts and new fellowships, mentorships and other career advancement opportunities. The funded initiatives will affect teacher pipelines, hiring practices, policy development and classroom instruction.