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Inspiring the Future
Every child deserves a teacher who recognizes their unique potential and unlocks a passion for learning. Parents depend on teachers to prepare their children for a lifetime of opportunity, and we all depend on teachers to prepare our country’s next generation for the future. We expect a lot from teachers. In turn, teachers deserve our respect and support.

Teachers inspire us, and they inspire their students.

At the Walton Family Foundation, we believe that the people closest to a challenge often have the most insightful and thoughtful solutions. This belief is why we honor and lift up teachers and teaching, and why we celebrate ideas that put educators in charge of critical decisions about their classrooms, schools and profession.

Teachers Inspire is a series of stories that highlights the talented professionals who are inspiring students across the U.S.
In Oakland, Catholic school teacher Sheila Garcia prepares scholars for a life of achievement and service
In Atlanta, Kathryn Stanley helps students connect with their culture and history – to build a better future.
In San Antonio, middle school teacher Michael Osikoya finds purpose in a new career
At Boston’s Charlestown High, Francis Pina strives to be “consistently great in the classroom.”
Houston educator Shontoria Walker is elevating the support structure—for students and teachers alike—in the community where she was raised.
Married teachers David Petty and Genevieve McLeish-Petty are inspiring a generation of makers
In his 7th grade classroom, Cadarris Rucker builds student confidence through ‘advocacy, choice and voice’
In Atlanta, a new technology platform helps real-world professionals bring curriculum to life
Every teacher deserves the support, decision-making power and an environment that helps them to do their best for all students.
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