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Donielle Lee June 11, 2024
The Early Literacy Interventions Tool uses ChatGPT to answer questions and design learning plans
Donielle Lee June 11, 2024
The Math Hint Generator Chatbot demo serves as a virtual tutor to help kids “get unstuck”
Donielle Lee June 11, 2024
An interactive school comparison tool shows the potential of AI chatbots to help families evaluate school quality to make informed choices
This World Oceans Day, we're inspired by the progress our grantees have made to secure a healthy future for our oceans
Kim Davis May 16, 2024
The foundation’s “Theory of Change” for the Arkansas-Mississippi Delta is designed as a resource for grantees and other partners
It's not what you gather in life, but what you scatter in life, that tells the kind of life you have lived.
Helen Walton's favorite saying