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Poll Shows Near-Universal Support for Protecting Water in Our Nation’s Lakes, Streams and Rivers

March 21, 2024
Ahead of World Water Day, national survey finds 96% of all voters say protecting the health and safety of drinking water is important

Washington, D.C. - This World Water Day polling shows voters care deeply about safeguarding America’s water resources. The Morning Consult polling, released by the Walton Family Foundation, shows nearly all voters say protecting the health and safety of drinking water (96%) is important. Further, 94% say protecting the water in our nation’s lakes, streams and rivers is important.

“Many people have started thinking a lot about where their food comes from. But there is no food without water. And climate change presents an ever-growing threat to the water we all need to survive,” said Moira Mcdonald, environment program director of the Walton Family Foundation. “World Water Day is a time to shine a spotlight on solutions to protect water from the effects of climate change so that people and nature can thrive together.”

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Mark Shields
Senior Communications Officer

The Walton Family Foundation believes protecting water during climate change is one of the most important challenges of our time. Across the country, communities are increasingly challenged by a lack of water supply and clean waterways.

According to the Morning Consult poll, a majority of voters are concerned about climate change (70%) and extreme weather (74%).

The foundation is committed to supporting grantees focused on protecting our nation’s lakes, streams and rivers. These efforts contribute to a more sustainable and resilient future for people and nature.

The recent Morning Consult polling also shows that: 

  • Nearly all voters say protecting the health and safety of drinking water (96%) and protecting the water in our nation’s lakes, streams, and rivers (94%) is important.
  • Four in five voters (80%) are concerned about the change of the Clean Water Act after learning that the narrowed scope means polluters might not need to meet water quality requirements. A bipartisan majority of voters are concerned about this change as well (Democrats 90%, independents 78%, Republicans 70%).
  • A majority of voters (72%) support a law to reverse the Supreme Court’s decision and fully restore the previous level of protection of the nation’s wetlands and waterways. A bipartisan majority of voters would support this law as well (Democrats 79%, independents 71%, Republicans 63%).
  • A majority of voters think the federal government, rather than the state government, should establish standards to protect certain waters and wetlands from pollution and development. 

World Water Day is an annual United Nations observance held every March 22 to spotlight the global importance of freshwater.

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