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Survey Finds Majority of Teachers, Parents Report Positive Impact of ChatGPT on Teaching and Learning

July 18, 2023
New nationwide survey includes first snapshot of parent perspectives on the use of ChatGPT in classrooms

NEW YORK, NY. – JULY 18, 2023 - More than 60% of teachers have used ChatGPT to enhance teaching and learning, according to a new survey from Impact Research released today by the Walton Family Foundation. Of those who have used ChatGPT, 84% say it positively impacted their classes.

Key findings include:

  • 63% of teachers say they’ve used ChatGPT for their job, which is up 13 points from when asked in February (50%).
  • Nearly two-thirds of parents think teachers and schools should allow the use of ChatGPT for schoolwork (64%), including 28% who say they should encourage its use.
  • Teachers use the tool to help with planning lessons and instructional materials (33%), generating creative ideas for classes (30%), and building background knowledge (30%).
Media Contact
Donielle Lee
Senior Communications Officer, Education Program

“Teachers are using every tool available to support planning and instruction, freeing up time and energy to meet the unique needs of each student,” said Romy Drucker, Director of the Education Program at the Walton Family Foundation. “Their leadership and commitment to problem solving is inspiring.”

Students expressed greater hesitancy. Only 35% believe ChatGPT has had a positive impact on their learning for school, compared to 54% of teachers. And only 39% believe ChatGPT will have legitimate educational uses that we can’t ignore, compared with 61% of teachers and 49% of parents.

Despite lower usage of ChatGPT, students are interested in STEM- and technology-related careers. Sixty-two percent of students say they will consider a future career in at least one of the following fields: biotechnology, artificial intelligence, fintech, quantum computing, 5G/6G, and semiconductors. According to a new paper released today by the Aspen Strategy Group, these fields are key sectors “where the U.S. will need a prepared pipeline of talent for the next few decades.”

"It's increasingly clear that preparing American students for STEM careers is a national security issue,” said Anja Manuel, Executive Director of the Aspen Strategy Group and Aspen Security Forum. “Students clearly are interested in these jobs, and they need U.S. K-12 and higher ed systems to support and prepare them so that the U.S. can keep our innovation lead.”

Voters, teachers and students believe schools struggle to prepare young people for jobs of the future. Almost 4 in 10 (37%) of teachers don’t believe they are preparing students for these careers. Americans give K-12 schools a 37% positive to 61% negative rating for preparing students for the workplace and future careers.

About the Survey

Impact Research surveyed 1,000 K-12 teachers, 1,002 students ages 12-18, 802 voters and 906 parents nationwide June 23-July 6, 2023. The samples were weighted to align with demographic estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau's American Community Survey (2021 5-year data).

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