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The Walton Family Foundation and the James Beard Foundation Call on Consumers to Order Sustainable Seafood this Valentine’s Day

February 3, 2020
“Three Sustainable Steps” Campaign Highlights How Choosing Sustainable Seafood Makes a Positive Impact on the Ocean

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Today, the Walton Family Foundation and the James Beard Foundation launched the “Three Sustainable Steps” campaign to encourage consumers to ask restaurants and retailers for sustainable seafood, communicate their preference for sustainability, and thank restaurants and retailers who have committed to these practices. Launched ahead of Valentine’s Day, one of the most popular days for dining out, the campaign aims to remind consumers that simple steps can have a ripple effect through the global supply chain and make a positive impact on the ocean.

“No matter where you live, seafood can be sourced sustainably,” said Teresa Ish, Program Officer for the Oceans Initiative, Walton Family Foundation. “All over the world, we are working with fishermen to help them adopt sustainable practices so that we can protect species vulnerable to overfishing and preserve the habitats the ocean species need to thrive. Consumers demanding sustainable seafood, whether in a restaurant or in a grocery store, is an essential component to accelerating change in the marketplace.”

The Walton Family Foundation has invested in U.S. fisheries to support sustainability of west coast groundfish (aka rockfish), Gulf of Mexico snapper, Alaskan salmon, and pollock. Consumers can also look for MSC certification on packaging at the store; the blue fish logo indicates that a product is sustainably sourced.

Chefs and restaurateurs are changemakers in the movement for sustainability. Through the Smart Catch program, the James Beard Foundation provides training and support for chefs nationwide to help them serve fish that is farmed or fished in environmentally responsible ways. The program also includes suppliers that offer diverse, traceable and sustainable products. To find Smart Catch restaurants in your community, visit:

“Hundreds of restaurants nationwide have made the commitment, through our Smart Catch program, to serve seafood from more sustainable sources,” said Katherine Miller, Vice President of Impact, James Beard Foundation. “These chefs and culinary leaders are protecting our oceans, even in cities far from the coasts. Diners choosing to dine at these restaurants, and requesting sustainably sourced dishes every time they dine, will help grow this movement.”

Importing nearly two-thirds of the world’s globally traded seafood products, the U.S., Japan, and Spain buy more than $3.66 billion a year in seafood exports from Mexico, Peru, Chile and Indonesia. The Walton Family Foundation aims to encourage the industry to make investments – of time, staffing and brainpower – to work with fishers, governments, and scientists so they can sustain the fish populations that underpin their businesses. Today, 30 percent of the global seafood market is sustainable or on the path to sustainability.

To learn more about the Walton Family Foundation’s ocean conservation work, visit:

To learn more about the James Beard Foundation’s Smart Catch program, visit:

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