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Voices of Gen Z: Perspectives on U.S. Education, Well-Being and the Future

September 14, 2023
New survey gives policymakers and researchers an invaluable resource to understand this generation’s needs and take action to address them

The success of Generation Z will be determined by its members’ ability to learn, prepare for the future and lead purposeful lives. Therefore, decisions affecting public policy, learning environments and workplaces should consider the perspectives of — not about — Gen Z, the challenges they face and the solutions that best suit their unique needs.

To better understand Gen Z’s unique perspectives, Gallup and the Walton Family Foundation have partnered to gather opinions directly from members of Gen Z and to track those opinions and experiences over time. This nationally representative, multiyear study of thousands of members of Gen Z between the ages of 12 and 26 gives policymakers and researchers an invaluable resource for not only understanding this generation’s needs, but for making data-driven decisions to address them.

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