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Lukas Walton

Lukas Walton

Board Member and Environment Program Committee Chair

Lukas Walton is an active philanthropist and investor who focuses on environmental innovation and social impact.

Lukas believes in investing with purpose, with the goal of improving quality of life while protecting the health of the planet. He attributes his attention to social and environmental needs to the examples set by his parents Christy Walton and the late John Walton.

At the Walton Family Foundation, Lukas serves as the Chair of the Environment Program Committee. He is also active in clean tech funds in the agriculture, energy and aquaculture sectors. By working to understand the motivating factors of businesses, Lukas brings a unique perspective on how industry can help the foundation achieve its environmental goals.

Lukas holds a liberal arts degree from Colorado College with a focus in environmentally sustainable business. He also studied energy efficiency and hydrological/geothermal energy in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Lukas is the grandson of Helen and Sam Walton, founders of the Walton Family Foundation and Walmart.

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