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Pipa Elias

Deputy Director, Environment Program

Pipa Elias is deputy director of the Environment Program at the Walton Family Foundation.

Before joining the foundation, she worked at The Nature Conservancy, where she was Director of Agriculture for North America. Skilled at applying scientific research to advance policy and conservation solutions, Pipa leveraged collaborations to help producers meet the growing demand for food while protecting critical lands and waters.

Prior to her work on the agriculture team at TNC, Pipa was a senior policy advisor, leading land use policy advocacy at the United Nations climate negotiations and other multilateral venues. In her eight years working on the UN climate negotiations she led a coalition of nearly a dozen NGOs that helped influence the system of incentives and measurements for the land-use sector in global climate agreements. Pipa also served as policy lead on the team that helped to publish a seminal paper on Natural Climate Solutions.

Pipa received her M.S. in forestry from Virginia Tech, and her B.S. in environmental science from the University of Notre Dame.

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