Innovations in Education

Working to answer some of the biggest questions in K-12 education

The Walton Family Foundation’s involvement in efforts to improve K-12 education spans nearly three decades. We’ve learned a lot in that time – most notably that we don’t have all the answers. So, we look to brave leaders, including the individuals featured in this series, to find solutions that improve education for all students. Through Innovations in Education, a video series that explores first-hand groundbreaking work taking place across the country, we will introduce you to some of these leaders. Join us on this journey and, together, we can learn about these exciting innovations and how to make a positive difference in the lives of all children. Check back soon for more episodes.

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Series Preview: Innovations in Education

We Owe Our Students More

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What Role Can Employers Play in Education? 

EdNavigator is a startup nonprofit that works with employers to offer education advice to their employees. Walton Family Foundation Board Chair Carrie Walton Penner spoke with Gary Briggs, the lead New Orleans navigator for EdNavigator; Kay Everage, who manages New Orleans employer relationships for EdNavigator and is a parent; Kanitra Reed, who is a housekeeper at the International House and a parent; and Sean Cummings, the owner of the International House.

From Student to Navigator
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KIPP DC's New Approach to Special Education
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What Works for Special Needs Students?

The Learning Center is a new special education program created by KIPP DC to serve students with a range of special needs — from autism to emotional disturbance. Carrie Walton Penner talks with school leaders Michael Cordell and Nicole Abera about how to equip schools to serve special education students well with services designed to meet their needs. 

How Can Schools Teach Character?

Character Lab founder and scientific director Angela Duckworth talks with Walton Family Foundation board chair Carrie Walton Penner about her character research and the work being done to create educational tools from scientific insights, to create new ways to measure character and to change the conversation about character development in K-12 education.

Parents Demand Access to High-Quality Schools
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Creating Equal Access to Opportunity
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K-12 Education Program
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How Can Families Unite for Education? 

Papa Dia, founder and director of the African Leadership Group, a Denver-metro organization, spoke with us about how communities can come together to push for what they need, including more high-quality educational opportunities for their children.

How Can School Access Be Equal?

Carrie Walton Penner spoke with Erika McConduit-Diggs and her family to discuss New Orleans’ open enrollment system, OneApp. Erika, as the head of the Urban League in New Orleans is a champion of OneApp because it helped to create access and educational equity. Her sister Crishelle Hoffman moved back to New Orleans for work, and found a new system that was challenging to her and her children.

What is the Achievement Gap?

We visited Oakland Charter Academy and met with principal David Camarena, Evelia Villa of Amethod Public Schools, and Susanna Loeb of Stanford University to discuss the achievement gap – the innovative strategies that are working to close it and the big questions we must still answer before we can successfully close the gap.

Set High Expectations to Close the Gap
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EdFacts: The Achievement Gap
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