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Equitable Education for All

December 17, 2020
  • The Path to Prosperity Starts with a Great Education
  • The Path to Prosperity Starts with a Great Education
  • More High-Quality Schools for More Students
  • Educators for the Next Generation
  • Community-Driven Change
  • More Resources for Students, Schools
    The Path to Prosperity Starts with a Great Education

    A self-determined life begins with a high-quality K-12 education. We’ve learned that deepening our commitment to an equitable education for all children means prioritizing schools and pathways that transform life outcomes and ensure social and economic mobility. More than 350,000 students are enrolled in new schools funded by the Walton Family Foundation.

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    More High-Quality Schools for More Students

    Public charter schools are delivering on the promise of an equitable public education for millions of students, especially those in urban areas. We’ve learned that these schools also are a catalyst for community growth and development and contribute to improving learning and life outcomes for children in all schools. High-performing charter networks provide as much as a full school year of additional learning (225 days) beyond other schools.

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    Educators for the Next Generation

    Of the many things we’ve learned over the years, this truth stands out: A great education begins with a great teacher. And we’ve also learned that all students benefit when taught by diverse educators. More than 15,000 teachers, principals and education leaders have completed training programs over the last five years, and we will continue to build on our support for teachers and education leaders of color.

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    Community-Driven Change

    In nearly all communities supported by the K-12 Education Program, families now have more uniform access to many different kinds of supports and services, like good information about school options, how children are progressing academically and equitable funding. All of this creates a better environment for their children to grow and thrive.

    These efforts ensure that the needs of families and students are being put first, creating a more equitable education system for all.

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    More Resources for Students, Schools

    The Building Equity Initiative tackled one of the biggest systemic barriers to serving more students in high-quality charter schools — securing facilities. Through innovative financing mechanisms, the Building Equity Initiative has redirected financial resources originally earmarked for facilities back to teachers and students in support of student learning.

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