Northwest Arkansas Quality of Life Survey

May 2, 2016
  • Northwest Arkansas Quality of Life

    In general, Northwest Arkansas residents are happy and believe they have a high quality of life. 95% of residents reported being “very happy” or “fairly happy.” 72% of residents rated their overall quality of life as “excellent” or “very good” (up from 59% in 2012). Three survey questions focused on how happy residents were with life overall, how they would rate their quality of life, whether they consider themselves happy and whether they felt their quality of life had improved in the past year.

    Common themes about what most influences quality of life were family, finances and health. Our overall interpretation of survey responses is that residents see the lifestyle in the area as appealing, and survey results suggest that this is, in part, due to foundation investments in areas such as education, trails and museums. At the same time, it is also fair to say there are likely other factors, such as low-crime rates, smaller town feel, and good social ties that may contribute as well.