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The Basics on Charter Schools

September 4, 2015
  • Within Cities, Charter Students Resemble Non-charter Students

    Focusing only on urban areas, charter schools serve student populations that are similar to those served by district schools. 

    In 2013-14, urban charter schools served a student population that was 76.7% non-white. By comparison, the student population of urban district schools was 69.4% non-white, slightly lower than urban charters.

    65% of urban charter students received free or reduced-price lunches (FRL), a common indicator of socioeconomic status. In urban district schools, 62.9% of students received free or reduced-price lunches.

    50.6% of urban charters were classified as high-poverty schools (at least 75% FRL), compared to 44.3% of district schools in urban areas.


    WFF calculations using 2013-14 school data obtained through US Dept. of Education, Elementary / Secondary Information System. All figures are for 2013-14 school year.