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What Americans Think about Public Education

October 27, 2016
  • What Do Most Americans Support?

    Some issues in education are not controversial: when surveyed, people tend to agree. For example, most Americans support giving families more choices of where to send their children to schools, and most support public charter schools. Six times more people think standards are too low than too high. And, for the last 11 years, the PDK/Gallup Poll has found that people rank “lack of financial support” as the biggest problem facing America’s schools. 

    The 2016 PDK/Gallup Poll found that 84% of respondents say schools that have been failing for a number of years should remain open rather than shut down. Most (62%) also said they supported replacing the failing schools’ administrators and teachers.

    Most people also support more career, technical, and skills-based classes. The 2016 PDK/Gallup Poll found that nearly 70% of respondents thought more career-focused classes would benefit students, compared to 21% who said students needed more honors or advanced classes.