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Protecting the sources of life and livelihoods
Ensuring a healthy river for the benefit of people and nature

The Colorado River is vital to millions of people across seven states and two countries. The river provides water to almost 40 million people in some of the country’s fastest growing cities, powers 16 million jobs and irrigates nearly 6 million acres of farmland that sustain a $5 billion agricultural industry.

The health of the Colorado River Basin is at a critical inflection point, as demand for water now exceeds supply. However, we believe there is enough water to go around if we manage it flexibly and responsibly.

The foundation’s goal is to ensure flourishing rivers and tributaries throughout the Colorado River Basin by designing a flexible water management system that addresses current and future regional water needs, while rewarding efficient water use and restoring river health.

Water in the West
Water in the West is a series of stories about the people working to address threats to water supply in the Colorado River basin and find conservation solutions that make economic sense for people and communities.
2020 Goals for a Healthy Colorado River
Over the next five years, we will employ the following strategies throughout the entire Colorado River Basin — upper river, lower river and delta:
Supporting local and national efforts

We support local and national efforts to ensure healthy rivers throughout the Colorado River Basin by addressing the region’s overuse of water, creating a flexible market-based water management system, rewarding efficiency and restoring targeted flows and riparian habitat in both the Upper and Lower Colorado River Basins.

We focus our work in the:

  • Upper Colorado River Basin (Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and New Mexico)
  • Lower Colorado River Basin (Nevada, California, Arizona and Mexico)
Our Key Grantees Include:
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