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Preserving and improving quality of life
In Northwest Arkansas, we’ve discovered that by creating a great place for locals, we’ve made a destination for visitors. For three years running, U.S. News & World Report has ranked this region as one of the best places to live in the country, and it’s clear there’s a movement taking place in this corner of the world.

Walton Family Foundation investments are helping cement the area’s reputation as a national leader in arts and culture, entrepreneurship, education and access to green spaces.

Preserving a Sense of Place

Access to green space, vibrant downtowns, extensive networks of trails and paths and the highest level of design are part of what makes Northwest Arkansas so special.

The foundation works to preserve the unique character of our community and its natural and built environment through programs that:

  • Increase natural-surface trails and usage of natural amenities
  • Increase preserved and maintained public green space
  • Increase regional coordination of downtown revitalization and well-planned growth policies
  • Increase regional coordination of infrastructure and transportation networks
  • Increase the knowledge base of local leaders in urban planning approaches that preserve quality of life
  • Improve and protect water quality
What Makes a Community Feel Like Home?
The cities and towns of Northwest Arkansas are connected by a shared history, culture and geography – and community-minded residents committed to improving quality of life for all. At the Walton Family Foundation, we believe that accessible parks and green space, an expanding system of trails, innovative design and thriving downtowns are key ingredients that help define Northwest Arkansas’ unique sense of place.

A Leader in Arts and Cultural Amenities

Arts and culture are critical to a thriving community, and we aim to establish the region as a worldwide leader. We invest in efforts that strengthen arts and cultural programming to provide all residents access to nationally recognized visual and performing arts amenities. We work to:

  • Ensure continued operations of regional anchor arts and culture organizations
  • Increase attendance and exposure to supported amenities
  • Support a greater breadth of performing and visual arts opportunities
  • Increase national recognition of the region’s arts and cultural offerings
A Culture of Art and Artists
Finding opportunities for artistic freedom, expression and appreciation is at the heart of what makes Northwest Arkansas distinctly unique. Meet the artists, musicians, chefs and others making an impact on the local culture.

Coordinated Regional Economic Development

We encourage communities to collaborate on economic development to ensure long-term vitality of the region. We envision a region that fosters entrepreneurship, supports a diverse economy and that continues to grow and attract talent. To boost vitality, we invest in:

  • Increased regional coordination on economic development policy and projects
  • Developing a culture of entrepreneurship
Fostering Innovation in Northwest Arkansas
Entrepreneurs create jobs, foster innovation and build vibrant communities. But to tap into these transformative benefits, the path to success must be accessible to everyone. That’s why the Walton Family Foundation is working with non-profit organizations that support entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey in Northwest Arkansas, from startup to scale-up. We believe a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem improves the quality of life for people across the region.

World-Class Pre-K-12 Options

We support efforts to create world-class Pre-K-12 schools that not only rank at the top in the state, but that are also global leaders.

We invest in:

  • Providing funding assistance for best-in-class district, public charter and independent schools
  • Closing the achievement gap between students of differing race and socioeconomic status
  • Increasing advance placement academic program choice and innovation
Promoting Excellence in Education in Northwest Arkansas
Great schools open a world of opportunity for students. In Northwest Arkansas, the Walton Family Foundation is working to ensure all students receive a high-quality education at the school where they can learn best, while giving teachers the freedom and flexibility to put kids first. Because the region’s future belongs to its children, we’re supporting innovators, school leaders and teachers who are creating vibrant and dynamic educational options that meet the individual needs of students.

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