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The Facts on Restoring the Louisiana Coast

November 2, 2017
  • It's Not Too Late to Curb Land Loss

    Louisiana’s Master Plan aims to rebuild and sustain the coast through a series of restoration projects. One critical component of restoring Louisiana’s coast is creating diversions, which allow the Mississippi River to deposit its sediment in the delta and surrounding marshes as it did for over 7,000 years. 

    Since 2014, about 350 million tons of sediment from the banks of Louisiana’s rivers have washed out to sea. Sediment diversions involve redesigning the river's navigation channel to enable the river’s currents to mimic their natural process of transporting sand and fresh water into nearby basins to restore and maintain wetlands.

    Louisiana’s Master Plan would fund 124 restoration projects, including sediment diversions, which over time would collectively build or maintain an estimated 800 square miles of land. Over the next 10 years, the plan prioritizes implementation of several large sediment diversion projects to help curb coastal erosion.