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The Facts on Restoring the Louisiana Coast

November 2, 2017
  • Our Economy Depends on a Healthy Louisiana Coast

    The Louisiana coast is an economic engine for the nation. Threats to the stability and health of the coast from land loss, rising seas, severe storms and other environmental changes put entire industries at risk.

    • The Port of New Orleans is one of the nation’s busiest shipping hubs, supporting 380,000 jobs and generating $37 billion in economic impact per year.
    • Louisiana’s commercial fishing industry lands more fish each year than any other state in the contiguous U.S. 
    • The Louisiana coast draws outdoor recreation enthusiasts from across the country, annually contributing more than $400 million to the economy.

    Impacts to the health of the Louisiana coast reverberate throughout our national economy and local communities. Continued land loss threatens up to $7.6 billion a year in direct costs to the nation’s economy and billions more in potential indirect costs.