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The Facts on Restoring the Louisiana Coast

November 2, 2017
  • Restoration Will Revive the Coastal Economy

    Restoration won’t just protect the coastal environment – it will reinvigorate the local economy. The projects that will rebuild oyster reefs, rebuild the coast and prevent future land loss will also create thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in wages for the people of Louisiana. The state of Louisiana estimates that state coastal spending in future years could directly and indirectly create up to 10,300 jobs, $520 million in wages and $1.35 billion in sales each year.

    2017 is the year that billions of dollars in restoration funds start flowing to the coast. This is our best opportunity in generations to secure the health of our coast and our economy for good. Restoration works — it creates good jobs and a healthy environment, strengthens our coasts against damaging storms and restores habitat that sustains the region’s special way of life. 

    The Walton Family Foundation is committed to continuing to support meaningful environmental restoration that protects the economies and communities of the region now and into the future.