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Learning & Leading Together

Walton Family Foundation Conference

Learning & Leading Together: The Next Five Years is a conference hosted by the Walton Family Foundation in February 2021, bringing together changemakers and thought leaders to generate ideas, inspire collaboration and advance solutions for durable, community-driven change.

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Chelsea Peters May 14, 2021
To solve today’s biggest challenges, look to young advocates on a mission to change the world
Raj Chetty April 27, 2021
Harvard’s Raj Chetty on the country’s growing economic inequity and how to overcome it
April 23, 2021
Six leaders in education confront the issues and opportunities facing America’s students
April 15, 2021
New five-year strategy supports equitable access to opportunity for all residents
Support for young firms, increased access to capital and vibrant research universities are critical to economic growth for communities
Emma Robbins April 9, 2021
At the Navajo Water Project, Emma Robbins builds trust – and partnerships – with communities to deliver running water to families in need
Melinda Wright April 7, 2021
Three visionary leaders are advancing innovative solutions to achieve education equity for all
Climate change threatens our water resources and the communities they support. Here’s why I am impatiently optimistic we can create a better future
Daphne Moore March 26, 2021
By working together, governments, businesses and nonprofits can create more jobs and stronger growth
Daphne Moore March 25, 2021
Four global leaders describe a course to find opportunity amid difficult times
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