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Supporting Diverse Entrepreneurs

It's time to level the entrepreneurial playing field to ensure an equitable shot at success for all
Helping Entrepreneurs of Color Start and Grow Thriving Enterprises
Entrepreneurship: It’s the ability to conjure, implement and grow a great idea into a successful enterprise. But if we are honest with ourselves, we must ask: Is everyone given equal opportunity to start and grow their big dreams into something real, lasting and meaningful?

In our new five-year strategy, the Walton Family Foundation has renewed our commitment to supporting entrepreneurs of color who too often face barriers – like lack of access to private capital, philanthropic funding and mentoring – when pursuing change.

On a local, national and global scale, entrepreneurs of color add vibrancy, bolster the economy and contribute innovative concepts to the greatest challenges we face. The foundation is committed to ensuring these bold change makers receive an equitable shot at success.

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Creating Jobs and Fueling Innovation
Minority-run businesses and ventures add vibrancy, create employment and increase access to opportunity
Key Insights
Eliminating barriers facing entrepreneurs of color
An integral part of our effort is helping entrepreneurs of color receive access to capital, training opportunities, mentorship networks and ongoing support.
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