Three Key Takeaways from Philamplify Grantee Survey

May 5, 2015

We are pleased to share the results of a recent survey of foundation grantees. Filled with valuable insights on our relationship with the individual and organizations we partner with on a daily basis, this is the most comprehensive survey of WFF grantees to date. Read More

Foundation Releases 2014 Annual Report

March 12, 2015

In 2014, the foundation invested more than $375 million in projects to support K-12 education, freshwater and marine conservation, and initiatives in our home region. Read More

Urban League of Greater New Orleans Receives $1.2 Million Grant

November 14, 2014

The Walton Family Foundation has awarded a $1.2 million grant to the Urban League of Greater New Orleans to increase resources for parents to ensure more students have access to high-quality schools. Read More

Delta Partnership Designed to Prepare More Students for College

October 2, 2014

KIPP Delta Public Charter Schools announced that it has received a nearly $500,000 grant from the Walton Family Foundation to fund a two-year pilot program to help prepare more students throughout the Delta for college. Read More

Foundation Announces 2020 Plan for Home Region

August 20, 2014

The Walton Family Foundation has announced its new strategic plan for the Home Region, which includes an anticipated investment of more than $302 million dollars in Northwest Arkansas and the Arkansas and Mississippi Delta through 2020. Read More

State Board of Education Joins Strategic Partnership with Foundations to Improve Educational Opportunity in Arkansas

August 14, 2014

Through the ForwARd initiative, the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation and Walton Family Foundation will lead the development of a comprehensive plan to strengthen public education in the state targeted on recommendations for academically distressed schools and districts. Read More

Historic Victory for Students in Vergara v. California

June 10, 2014

The California Superior Court for the County of Los Angeles issued an historic decision in Vergara v. California, striking down five harmful provisions of the California Education Code as unconstitutional. Read More

Longtime Conservation Leader Barry Gold to Lead Foundation’s Environment Program

May 28, 2014

The Walton Family Foundation has named Barry Gold, currently director of Marine Conservation at the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, to serve as director of the foundation’s Environment Program. Read More

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