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Generation Z Views on Civic Engagement and Collaboration

New research helps us understand Gen Z attitudes during one of the most challenging and divisive periods of the past century.
Adventures on the Dolomites: teens and dog enjoy a sunbath.
Listening to the Voices of Generation Z
The young people of Generation Z are the leaders of the future. But they are often overlooked in decisions about how to solve the problems they’ll inherit. Burdened by the challenges of today and tomorrow, Gen Zers want a new emphasis on listening to all voices in making decisions.
Diverse teenage students using digital smart phones mobile at college campus.
Working Together for Common Solutions
Members of Generation Z believe collaboration can help them achieve the future they want for themselves and their communities. But they’ve grown up in a time when leaders aren’t working together to make change – and sometimes aren’t even listening.

In our conversations with members of Gen Z, we have found optimism about the future, tempered by deep frustration with today’s leaders and uncertainty about how to realize their vision of a just society.

At the Walton Family Foundation, we believe it’s time to hear their voices and listen to their ideas. Together, we can redefine collaboration to find common solutions to our challenges.
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