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Protecting a healthy ocean and healthy communities
Protecting a healthy ocean and healthy communities

A healthy ocean is essential to healthy communities and a healthy planet. In today’s world, the challenges that our ocean and the life within it face – including climate change and overfishing – are more complex and interconnected than ever.

The seafood we eat comes from all around the world. We can harness the demand for sustainable seafood to support ocean-friendly practices so nature and people can thrive together. With the right tools, the market can drive demand for sustainable seafood. That creates incentives for fishers to use and advocate for nature-friendly practices. All of which fosters a healthy ocean and healthy communities.

We also believe that real change must be guided by the people who are most reliant on a healthy ocean. Our Ocean Initiative investments build the capacity of fishing communities to advocate for better practices and leverage opportunities to maximize the social and economic benefits that sustainably managed fisheries provide. Working together, we can make restoring global fisheries the sustainability success story of the 21st century.

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Theory of Change - Oceans
Healthy oceans are essential to healthy communities and a healthy planet. The foundation is working to protect oceans by protecting the life within them.
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Consumers want more sustainable seafood

Americans want to know where the seafood they eat comes from and that responsible fishing practices are being used.

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Featured Video: Improving Fisheries for Healthier Oceans
All of us depend on healthy oceans for the air we breathe, the food we eat and the livelihoods our oceans support.
How Sustainable Fisheries & Seafood Protect Oceans
Oceans and Fisheries Research
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