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Meredith Bergstrom September 14, 2021
Northwest Arkansas is working to increase access to public spaces where all feel welcome
Melinda Wright September 2, 2021
Why we must do more to support and uplift entrepreneurs of color
Amy Saltzman August 24, 2021
Informing farmers on issues like soil loss and water quality supports a healthier agricultural future
Kristin Tracz August 17, 2021
Natural infrastructure projects hold enormous potential to address the impacts of our climate crisis
Walton Family Foundation Conference
The foundation is working to understand and address the challenges confronting philanthropic evaluators
José Andrés August 5, 2021
Chef José Andrés urges action to ensure a safe, sustainable supply of water for people and the planet.
Rooted in Opportunity is a series of stories that focuses on the foundation's five core values.
Caryl M. Stern July 27, 2021
As the impacts of climate change worsen, we must take action to protect and preserve our water
A new $50-million initiative will help address the research funding deficit in education.