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In the Field

In the Field is a series featuring Walton Family Foundation staff whose commitment and passion for their work is helping create access to opportunity for people and communities.
The more we share our stories, the more we learn what communities want and need for their children
I was building a successful career in education and academia. Then I met Helen Walton
Amy Saltzman March 10, 2020
I work in conservation to help Midwestern farming communities – including the one where I grew up.
Jeremy Pate March 5, 2020
In my job, I am inspired by the resolve of residents to make Northwest Arkansas the most welcoming place to live.
For the health of marine life and coastal communities, we need to change the way we fish.
Lori Armistead December 30, 2019
All students deserve an education that can lift them toward opportunity. It's my job to help that happen.
Bruno V. Manno December 6, 2019
If we fail to improve our K-12 system, we limit opportunity for millions of students.
River systems are complex, but there is simplicity to the solutions to restore their health.
Yee-Lin Lai November 5, 2019
I feel lucky to work with people brimming with tremendous ideas to help the region prosper.
Kristin Tracz October 22, 2019
Restoration can protect people and communities at risk from storm surge and rising seas.