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You Make The Difference

At the Walton Family Foundation, we are grateful for leaders determined to improve lives and create opportunity. You are reimagining the future of education. You are innovating to protect water and fight climate change. You are building diverse, vibrant and inclusive communities . Across the vast and varied work we support, you make the difference. You inspire us to be better.
Romy Drucker November 30, 2021
At a time of upheaval and ongoing uncertainty, we are grateful for the students, parents, educators and communities that remain resilient
Robert Burns November 30, 2021
In this season of gratitude, I’m thankful for community leaders working with their neighbors to make the region a place where everyone belongs
Moira Mcdonald November 30, 2021
Amid climate distress, I draw inspiration from people and communities tackling our water crisis
"Every day, but especially in this season of gratitude, you give us hope. You inspire us to be better."
Home Region
Supporting Communities in Northwest Arkansas and the Arkansas-Mississippi Delta
Keaton Smith September 28, 2021
Partners for Better Housing is expanding sustainable, mixed-income housing to build inclusive communities
Kim Davis September 22, 2021
We must bring everyone to the table for solutions that meet student needs inside and outside of school
Reginald James May 27, 2021
In Northwest Arkansas, Music Moves brings the history of Black music and art into the present
Yee-Lin Lai October 5, 2021
EforAll brings inclusive entrepreneurship training to Northwest Arkansas’ Hispanic community
K-12 Education
Community-Designed, Community-Driven Educational Change
Protecting Rivers, Oceans and the Communities They Support
Erin Foster West September 29, 2021
From sustainability to inclusion, the National Young Farmers Coalition promotes their generation’s values
Jennifer Morris March 30, 2021
Climate change threatens our water resources and the communities they support. Here’s why I am impatiently optimistic we can create a better future
Emma Robbins April 9, 2021
At the Navajo Water Project, Emma Robbins builds trust – and partnerships – with communities to deliver running water to families in need