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Redefining Collaboration, Together

Every day, the Walton Family Foundation has privilege of supporting people with big ideas who look past differences and find creative ways to solve problems. Together, we're redefining collaboration. These are some of the stories that inspired us and challenged us to do better in 2022. They confirm our belief that the best way to achieve lasting impact is to look, listen, learn and lead with our partners and the communities we serve.
Some of the best ideas are hiding in plain sight - all you need to do is look for them. We celebrate the innovators who put their great ideas into action.
Graham Browne March 15, 2022
At Forte Preparatory Academy in Queens, students discover pathways to individual and collective success
Basana Chhetri June 21, 2022
Following a successful mask-making push, INTERFORM expands into small-batch production
With the Good Energy Project, Anna Jane Joyner aims to get climate a starring role in Hollywood
June 16, 2022
For students without reliable internet during the pandemic, Instruction Partners developed a printable core curriculum for schools
We embrace a culture of listening to the voices and needs of the communities we serve - because they are closest to finding solutions that last.
Kim Davis May 9, 2022
The foundation launches a forward-looking, five-year strategy in the region, anchored by community input
Joshua Ventress September 15, 2022
Artisanal fishers in the Yucatán Peninsula are embracing sustainable fishing to protect the oceans – and their communities
Donielle Lee May 12, 2022
In North Carolina, one school district is reaching vulnerable students with personalized support
Jamie Jutila April 19, 2022
In Texas, an expanding career pathways program sparks a lifetime of opportunity for rural students
Kim Davis February 23, 2022
In a region where high-quality teachers are in high demand, Teach Plus helps educators advocate for changes so they – and their students – can thrive
Learn & Lead
We're proud to work together with diverse partners who are committed to testing new ideas, learning from success and failure and finding shared solutions that benefit all.
Caryl M. Stern September 9, 2022
An evaluation of the Walton Family Foundation’s Covid response offers lessons in the opportunities and challenges of emergency funding
Caryl M. Stern September 23, 2022
Innovation and collaboration in America’s agricultural heartland are protecting the environment – and the future of rural communities
Kara Stevens February 9, 2022
First-of-its kind project will use machine learning and remote sensing to track beaver wetland changes in the Colorado River Basin
Sheldon Alberts September 27, 2022
In Arizona, farmers are exploring how drought-resistant guayule can help agriculture survive - and sustain the region’s water supply
David Wilkie January 6, 2022
When teams talk about what went wrong, they learn what works, what should change and what to do better
Kim Davis September 19, 2022
Along the left bank of the Mississippi River, something exciting is brewing. The river itself is a marvel, a super-charged vehicle for commerce, transportation and agriculture. And the land surrounding it? Some of the richest soil in the world.