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Sunlight through trees
The sun beautifully illuminating the green treetops of tall beech trees in a forest clearing, panorama shot

Creating Lasting Impact Through Collaboration

The Walton Family Foundation supports people and communities with big ideas. Those who look past differences and find creative ways to solve problems. We believe the best way to achieve lasting impact is to look, listen, learn and lead with our partners.
Clearing Title After Generations of Land Loss
Our foundation is rooted in multiple generations of family. No voice is louder than the next, and different opinions are valued. We apply this legacy to our work. Doing so redefines how philanthropy collaborates with grantees and communities.

We look for great ideas - from anywhere. The foundation works with people and communities to take on some of the world’s biggest problems. We believe in bringing diverse perspectives to the same table. When people from different backgrounds are at the table, we come up with better solutions.

We listen. To caregivers and conservationists. Educators and entrepreneurs. Farmers and fishers. Doers and dreamers. Their perspectives help us reach shared understanding. And create innovative solutions.

We learn and lead together. To ensure ideas become actionable and achieve true impact. This series tells some of those stories of change.
Some of the best ideas are hiding in plain sight. All you need to do is look for them. We value all voices, especially under-represented people and perspectives, and celebrate the innovators who put their great ideas into action.
Photographer Dave Showalter had a great idea – to show the Colorado River's promise through the life it supports and stories of people working to protect it
Donielle Lee June 20, 2023
The RightOn! classroom app is helping students deepen understanding of math concepts by learning from their mistakes
Kim Davis June 30, 2023
Supporting great ideas in the Delta begins with looking for emerging leaders
Rebecca Power July 21, 2023
A Delta nonprofit is helping overlooked farmers regain control of their land through conservation programs and legal support
The RightOn! app engages students in thinking about and discussing mistakes.
We embrace a culture of listening to the voices and needs of the communities we serve. They are closest to finding solutions that last. Active listening can help bridge divides. It brings together people and ideas to solve our most urgent, relevant problems.
Lack of water access is pervasive in many Native American communities. The foundation is supporting the critical work to end this crisis
July 10, 2023
Senior Environment Program Officer Morgan Snyder speaks with Navajo Nation member Heather Tanana, who leads the Universal Access to Clean Water for Tribal Communities Project, about the water challenges and opportunities facing tribal nations.
Jamie Jutila August 28, 2023
North of Green Bay, Wisconsin, local students are gaining the skills and credentials that help their community thrive
Learn & Lead
We're proud to learn and lead together with diverse partners testing new ideas. Learning from success and failure helps us find shared solutions that benefit all.
Philanthropy needs better approaches to measure its long-term impact. The Walton Family Foundation and peer philanthropies are learning and working together to build them
June 26, 2023
To learn what works and what doesn't in our grantmaking, we need reliable tools that provide credible evidence
Peter Skidmore September 20, 2023
This spring, I paddled the Dolores River. Here’s what I discovered about how habitat restoration efforts are impacting this Colorado River tributary
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With the Mid-Barataria Sediment Diversion project, the state is rebuilding wetlands to help keep up with rising sea levels and protect coastal communities